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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Slick Pewter C.S.A Belt Buckle-These Are known To Be MAde By Noble Bros. Of Rome, GA-This Exact Plate Is Pictured On pg. 282 "The Hammond Civil War Collection"-Like Most Of These, It Has A Repair, and is Down The Center Of The Plate That Is Right After The S



Real Nice U.S. Eagle Burnside Breast Plate-Recovered King George, VA By Roger Morgan



Large CS Forked Tongue Buckle-This Has Been Repaired And Letter Of Repair Is Pictured and Will Go To The New Owner-Recovered In Caroline County, VA In 1981



Very Cool Bullet Struck US Cartridge Box Plate-The Provenance On This Is Very Strong-Recovered In 1971 At Port Hudson, LA By Ronald McCallum-A Signed Letter Of Affidavit Comes With The Box Plate As Well As A Map Of The Dig Location



Very Cool Non-Dug Militia South Carolina Panel Plate With An Interesting Field Repair-Great Looking Mello Patina



Solid C.S. Virginia Style Two-Piece Belt Buckle-NIce File Marks Throughout-Recovered Together Near Brandy Station, VA



Very Cool New York Puppy Paw Belt Plate-Original Leather Still Remains On The Studs-There Is A Small Bit Of Rim Loss As Seen In The Pictures-Recovered Berkeley Plantation By Glenn Hyatt November 19, 1977 



Two U.S. Arrow Hook Belt Plates-These Were Dug Together In The Same Hole And So Marked On The Back-Plate #44/45-Recovered Camp Sickles, Stafford VA By Glenn Hyatt On May 25, 1981