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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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U.S. Puppy Paw Belt Plate-Marked W.H. Smith/Brooklyn-Recovered Off Of Fairfield Road Gettysburg, PA By Local Resident Tim Sheads



U.S. Puppy Paw Belt Plate-Recovered Off Of Baltimore Pike Gettysburg, PA By Local Resident Tim Sheades



Great Looking C.S. English Imported Snake Buckle-This is a Marriage-However Solid Provenance-Keeper Is From Rocky Face Ridge and Snake Or Serpeant Side Is From Isom's Ferry, GA Dug By Edgar Howell M.d. 



Nice U.S. Eagle Breast Plate With Brass Loops Instead Of Iron-Recovered 23rd Corps Line, Isom's Ferry, GA 22 DEC 1975 By Ed Howell



U.S. Box Plate w/ One Loop Remaining-Marked BOYD & SONS BOSTON-Recovered The Wilderness, VA



CS Belt Plate Nice Round Corner CS Enlisted Man's Belt Plate-Hooks Present Minus One Tip and One Tip Is Bent Due To The Casting Process Of Improper Venting-Also You Can See The Original Black Enamel Still On The Face-Recovered Fort Blakely, AL



US Box Plate Excavated U.S. Box Plate-Recovered Rocky Face Ridge, GA By Edgar Howell M.d. March Of 1975



Solid U.S. Puppy Paw Boyd & Sons Belt Plate-Some Loss In The Lower Right Of The Plate-Recovered By Ed Howell m.d. Hamiltons Thickets Motts Division Hancocks 2nd Corps Battle Of The Wilderness March Of 1974


This Is A Very Cool Bullet Struck South Carolina Shoulder Belt Plate!!-This Is The Real Deal-64mm-Recovered Near Columbia S.C.-Unfortunately The Digger Has Passed So Exact Location Is Unknown



U.S. Puppy Paw Belt Plate-86mm x 54mm-Marked W.H. SMITH/ Brooklyn-There Is A Small Dent In The Bottom Of The Plate-Recovered East Of Richmond



U.S. Sword Belt Plate-This Belt was dug with everything that is in the picture minus one of the Rivets-This Came From A Maryland Digger But Recovery Location Is Unknown



U.S. Breast Plate-66mm-Marked W.H. SMITH/ BROOKLYN-1 Loop Remaining-Recovered Charles Town, WV. 



Neat Clipped Corner Style Belt Plate-44mm x 67mm-Hook and Loop Are Attached Minus One Leg of The Belt Loop As Seen In The Picture-Recovered Williamsburg, VA



C.S. Plain Face Leech & Rigdon Tongue-55mm x 48mm-The Disc Is 25mm Looks To Have Been Worn Down From Use-Great Provenance-Found In The MG Walker Texas Division Camp And Pictured in NST July/Aug 1985 Pg.26



Very Cool U.S. 1851 Pattern Waist Belt Plate-NIce Brown Patina-53x85mm-Small Dent on Right Side and Nickel-Silver Wreath MIssing-Recovered Chancellorsville in 1936