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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Rare 23rd Corps badge-35mm x 33mm-Recovered Isom's Ferry, Ga Atlanta Campaign-In 1975 By Ed Howell



Rare Officer 1851 Pattern Ordinnace Insignia-These Are Like Hens Teeth Now Adays-Bend In Upper Right "Flame"-2 1/4in Tall-Recovered Fredericksburg



Very Cool Forage/Kepi Remains All Dug Out Of The Same Hole-Note One Side Button Is A Eagle I and One Is A Normal Eagle Kepi Button-Recovered Chancellorsville-(I Also Dug Complete Remains Myself On The Same Property)



M1858 Artillery Insignia-3 1/2in-Some Bends As seen In The Pictures-Recovered Fredericksburg