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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Really Great Dug ID Disc Of PVT. Jenks Bartlett Who Served In Co. K 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers-Enlisted On August 1, 1861 And Discharged August 1, 1864 At Petersburg, VA-This Tag Was Found In The Camp Of The 2nd RI In The White Oak Area OF Stafford County, VA-Exstensive Documentation Comes With This Tag-Recovered By Mike Sullivan In The Spring Of 1972



Uncommon 23rd Corps Insignia-27mm x 28mm-Recovered Isom's Ferry, GA by Ed Howell in 1975



Rare Officer 1851 Pattern Ordinnace Insignia-These Are Like Hens Teeth Now Adays-Bend In Upper Right "Flame"-2 1/4in Tall-Recovered Fredericksburg