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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Confederate Richmond Carbine-Lockplate Is Marked 1863/ CS Richmond, VA-All Pieces Appear To Be Richmond Manufactured, There Is A repair To The Forestock That Is Hidden By The Rear Barrel Band-Barrel Is Rifled-Ramrod Has A Bend In It A Few Inches From The Tulip-There Is no Half-cock On The Tumbler And Was Only Made With A Full-cock Position-The Mainspring May Be A Replacement Along With The Bridle-Although Not Perfect, This For The Price Is A Good Representation  



M1859 Sharps New Model Rifle-Serial Number 39969 Features A ,52 Cal Rifled Barrel Stamped With The 3-Line Sharps Address And New Model 1859 Designation-Blade Front Site Doubles As A Bayonet Lug And Ladder Rear Site Graduated To 800 Yards-Standard Strait Breech Falling Block Percussion Action-Full Length Walnut Forend w/ Steel Nose Cap And 3 Spring Retaining Bands-Plain Strait Walnut Buttstock With Sling Swivel, Steel Patch Box, And Buttplate-Metal Exhibits a Silvery Salt & Pepper Patina-Wood Has Been Lightly Cleaned At Some Point-Strong Bore Displays Good Rifling With Some Abrasions From Black Powder Use   



Very Ornate Presentation Grade U.S. Militia Officers Sword By N.P. Ames And Marked N.P./ Ames/ Cutler/ Springfield-Silver Engraved Grip-Just A Beautiful Looking Sword



Neat Little Smith & Wesson No. 1 Second Issue-7 Shot .22 Caliber Short-Rosewood Grips-Frame is Plated Brass-Blued 3 3/16 Barrel-Action Is Tight 



Confederate Kraft, Goldschmidt, and Kraft Cavalry Saber-The Wood Scabbard Is A Well Made Reproduction Constructed Exactly Like The Original Would Have Been  



Beautiful M1842 H. Aston .54 Cal. Pistol-Very Fine Condition w/ Very Crisp Markings w/ Very Nice Cartouches-Lock Marked MIDDTN/ CONN/ 1850 And US/ H.ASTON-Tang Is Also Dated 1850-Breech Is Marked US/ JH/ P For Joseph Hannis-Barrel Flat Is Marked With ''H'' Along With Several Other Parts Marked With The Same As Well As A ''K''-Cartouches On The Stock Flat are Very Good Marked JH and WAT For CPT. Wm. Anderson Thorton-Bore is Very Nice And Total Pistol Is In Very Fine Condition