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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Really Neat Dug Leech & Rigdon CS Officers Sword-This Sword was Put Together By Robert McDaniel-The Guard Was Dug In Conecuh County, Alabama, The Blade Is From Bill Beard Who Picked It Up About 40 Years Ago, And The Pommel Cap Was Dug In Virginia



Excavated Star Device-MIssissippi Star?-Possibly A Rosette, But I Do Not Know For Certain-Recovery Location Uknown 



Very Slick 1720's Dutch Onion Form Wine Bottle-Olive Amber Color-No Breaks Or Cracks Of Any Kind-Applied String Lip-Minor Exterior Scratches and Interior Bubbles-Found In Connecticut



Very Cool Relic! A Unmarked C.S. B,G&M Sword Bayonet Adapter-Has The Raised Area Around The Tightening Hole-Recovery Unknown But Was Apart Of A Collection Where Many Of The Items Came From Antietam And South Mountain



.577 Cal. Enfield Bayonet-Great Condition For a Dug Bayonet-Was Purchased From A Dealer In The Petersburg Area Many Years Ago