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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Cool Little M.V.C Cuff Button-dm-Scovill MFG CO/***-16mm-Nice Shank-Lots Of Gilt Left On it-Recovered At A CS Parole Camp After Vicksburg



C.S. Army Officers Button-22mm-Blank Depressed Channel-Shank Is Present But Bent Over A bit-Recovered North Anna



EM LEWIS A Hard To Come By Excavated Artillery Button-23mm-E.M. Lewis & CO/ Richmond-rmdc-Strait Shank-Solid Button-Recoverd Chancellorsville Off Of Furnace Rd. Now Mclaws Drive   



Excavated C.S. General Service Button-23mm-dm-Superior Quality-Hard To Read But You Can Make It Out-Excavated Buttons Are Much Harder To Find Then Non-Excavated Specimens-Recoverd Wilmington, NC



Very NIce CS Stippled I Infantry Button-HT&B Manchester-25mm-dm-Outer Ring Of Dots-Most Difficult To FInd Of The HT&B Series Except For The M Ofcourse-Recovered Charleston, SC



Very Cool Scarce Excavated CS Army Officers Button-2 Piece Made To Look Like A 3 Piece-25mm-Blank w/ Depressed Channel-C. Rouyer Likely Produced These-Push To The Face But till A Great Button!-Recovery Unknown



Great Looking Excavated Scarce CS Army Officer Button-Called The "Christmas Staff"By Relic Hunters Eagle Holding A Wreath-22mm-Blank w/ Depressed Channel-Produced By C. Rouyer-Recovery Unknown



Very Nice Georgia State Seal Button-Has Some Gilt Remaining-Strait Shank-24mm-W.G. MINTZER/ PHILa 1861-rmdc w/ Stippled Channel-Recovered The Wilderness



CS Cavalry Button-Some Ground action-Shank Is Present But Bent And Slight Push In The Back-23mm-S. ISAACS CAMPBELL & CO./LONDON/71 JERMYN. ST-dm-Recovery Unknown



Very Nice C.S. Lined A Artillery Button-Blank Back-Shank Is Present-Recovered Payne's Farm Mine Run



Sweet Mississippi Infantry Button-Solid-21mm-rmdc-Hyde&Goodrich N-O-Recovered Off Of RT. 5 Charles City County, VA 



Great Looking Excavated South Carolina Button-Slight Push On Face-22mm-Young Smith & Co. New York-ca. 1830-1850-dm-Recovered Cold Harbor



Silvered N.C. Sunburst-Low Convex-Shank Is Missing As Most Are-23mm-7 Main Rays-Ring Around NC Is 10mm-Lots Of Silver Plating Left